6 Benefits of Switching From Bottled Water Coolers to Bottleless Water Coolers

1. Environment Friendly

Bottled water coolers require a lot of plastic material to be manufactured and disposed of after use. By using bottle-less water coolers, we are not only choosing a healthier lifestyle but also doing our part for the environment.

2. Less Waste

Bottled water coolers produce a lot of waste in the form of plastic. These bottles are disposed of in landfills, where they can take up to one thousand years to decompose. On the other hand, with bottle-less water coolers, there is no waste because they do not require any plastic material to be created.

3. Cost-Effective

Bottled water coolers are established to be more expensive than regular drinking water. Since it won’t be reusable, you will end up paying the same price every time you want to refill your bottle cooler with cool water.

4. Convenience

What’s the point of paying more for a bottle cooler if you have to refill it all the time? The whole point of a water cooler is convenience – you don’t want to be going back and forth from your office to the drinking water dispenser. It is much more convenient if you can just pour a glass of cool water whenever needed, without having to refill the machine every half an hour.

5. Healthier

For people worried about their health, the bottle-less water cooler can be an excellent way to avoid consuming too many calories and fat. It’s much healthier to drink plain water than bottled water with flavors added.

6. Durability

Bottled water coolers need to be replaced more often than bottle-less water coolers. While you can use a bottle-less water cooler for years without needing to replace anything, the plastic parts in a bottled water cooler will not last long and so you will need to replace them periodically. This becomes costly in the long run.

Other Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

1. Installation is Quick and Easy

2. They Work With All Hot or Cold Water Sources

3. Easily Accessed and Avoid Disruptions in both home and office.

4. Great for the environment and save money.

5. Easy to Use

6. Great for high-traffic locations like restaurants. 

Final Words

Overall, switching to bottle-less water coolers is much more convenient than using bottled water coolers. Not only are they cheaper in the long run, but they also take much less time to install. For people who want to go green and save money, the bottle-less options are clearly worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of a water cooler?
A. Water coolers provide our bodies with important vitamins and minerals. They hydrate us and help to prevent dry mouth, which is attributed to the natural aging process. They also keep our teeth strong by preventing bacteria from building up on them. Finally, they keep our skin clear and moisturized by keeping good levels of water and oxygen in it.

Q. How much does a water cooler cost?
A. This greatly depends on the brand and model of the water cooler you choose. Most water coolers cost anywhere between $250 and $400. The more expensive ones typically have a higher price tag due to their brand name or unique design.