Water dispensers are one of the best ways to keep your water clean and fresh. They can also be a real convenience for busy individuals who avoid the hassles of constant refilling and recycling like traditional water bottles. Bottom load water dispensers are one of the most popular models because they offer many benefits. Some of them are easy installation, quick fill with no dripping or spilling, 3-gallon storage tank and a 1-year warranty. 

This article will provide detailed information about bottom-load water dispensers. How do they function and what are their uses. It will also discuss some of the brands that are currently top-ranked on the market. 

How Does It Work?

Water dispensers have been around for years, but rising fuel and petrol costs have led to the increased popularity of this machine. Most people are unaware that a water dispenser doesn’t actually use electricity. It uses the pressure of the faucet to push water through the filtration system and into your dispenser. The filtration system works by filtering water through a series of filters that remove sediments, chlorine, pesticides, and other unwanted contaminants. A specially designed filtration cartridge is used in water dispensers to make water taste great by keeping it fresh for hours. The bottom load water dispenser also uses a small amount of electricity to power the motor that pushes the water into the dispenser bottle.

Features of a Bottom Load Water Dispenser Machine

There are some features of a bottom load water dispenser. Some of them are enlisted below:

1. In most cases, the dispenser holds approximately 3 gallons of water at once. Water is dispensed in 1 cup increments which minimize the overfilling mechanism. 

2. There is no need to manually change the water. With this machine, water is filtered without the need for changing and refilling the unit. 

3. It consists of a water pump that is driven by a water inlet and an electric motor. The motor passes enough water to the dispenser for filtration and suction. 

4. The dispenser is engineered with anti-corrosion and erosion materials. This keeps the machine resistant to corrosion. It also has a thermostat that maintains the hotness and coldness of the water outlets.

5. The design of this machine allows for fast and easy installation. It has a magnetron that makes it work without removing any screws or parts each time it needs to be cleaned or replaced. 

Why Is It Better Than a Top-Load Machine?

A bottom load water dispenser is better than a top load water dispenser because it’s easier to fill and maintain. Since you don’t need to lift the lid on a top-load dispenser to fill it, water can spill in your kitchen or bathtub. Water will spill onto the floor if you use a top-load dispenser on a high-volume faucet. The water pressure will be strong enough to leak out of the machine instead of flowing in the container. A bottom load water dispenser has a pressure that prevents spillage or back-ups. It also comes with a built-in pump to carry water from the gallon to the tank. 

3 Tips for Buying a Bottom Load Water Dispenser

1. Ensure you have enough room in your kitchen for the dispenser. It should never take up more than one or two square feet of space and should be near a faucet. The dispenser should also be able to stand up on its own without any help from the wall or countertop.

2. Choose a dispenser with the right capacity. The majority of water dispensers can hold between 3 and 5 gallons of water. Make sure that you have enough capacity for your daily use.

3. Check for a warranty on the product and ask about replacement cartridges and filters available for purchase in the event of malfunction or maintenance.

The Right Way to Install a Bottom Load Water Dispenser

There are two types of bottoms loads, the cap and the base. The cap type has a built-in valve that is controlled with the lever on the side. It ensures no drips or spills when emptying. The base type also has a built-in valve which has to be operated with a handle at the top of the machine. Whenever possible, choose a bottom load dispenser that uses pipes that lead straight to your sink or bathtub. This confirms no leakage or spillage while filling. 

How Do You Maintain Your Bottom Load Water Dispenser?

Most people look at these water dispensers as convenient and user-friendly, but they may not know what it takes to maintain a liquid dispenser so that it performs effectively. Here are some pointers to keep a well-managed and clean water dispenser.

1. Ensure that the faucet or stopper is positioned above the dispenser. The correct positioning allows easy access to the bottle and filters when maintenance is needed. It reduces the strain to reach it or stretch over it for cleaning and replacing the cartridge. 

2. Inspect the water dispenser regularly for any signs of damage. A damaged dispenser could signify that the bottle is not set properly or the dispenser is not working well.

3. The filter cartridge is replaced every 2 to 4 months depending on how much water you use, the contaminants in your water source, and the degree of hardness that the water possesses. 

4. Verify that the machine’s exterior is tidy when you change the filter cartridge, storing it for winter or transporting it to a new location.

5. Ensure that the bottom load dispenser is thoroughly dry before storing it for winter. This prevents mold and mildew from growing in the machine. You can also spray isopropyl alcohol into the machine to kill any mold if it does appear during storage time.

6. Check your faucet for leaks every time you change the filter cartridge and clean them if they are dirty or damaged.

7. Clean all the windows on the dispenser regularly. They should be clean and free of any dust or fingerprints.

8. Keep your dispenser in one place as much as possible to prevent damage to the machinery and exterior. 

9. Let the water run for a few minutes once a week to flush away any sediment or build-up in the machine that could cause leaks and spills. 

10. Empty the water dispenser during non-use to ensure that it is completely dry.

11. If you find a leak, use a pitcher to take the water out of the machine without using your hands. Using hands can cause further damage if you break the seal.

12. Ensure that all pipes and chemicals are below freezing before you replace any part.

Top 5 Bottom Load Water Dispenser Brands

  1. Brio Moderna Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

This bottom load water dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 gallons and comes in white and black. It turns on automatically once the liquid level drops within the bottle. This keeps a consistent supply of water for the user. The dispenser also comes with two 1.5-ft. tubes that run from the bottle to the dispenser for easy refilling. It is constructed from premium stainless steel that ensures longevity and durability.

  1. Black & Decker Bottom Load Water Dispenser with 1-Gallon Bottle 

This bottom load water dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 gallons and weighs about 23 lbs. Two 1.25-in. hoses connect to the bottle. This dispenser is designed to dispense water through a lever on its top and it also comes in with a 1-in. hose that helps prevent spills while filling the bottle if needed. Black and Decker water dispenser is constructed from premium stainless steel for durability. The dispenser is also BPA-free.

  1. Mr. Fill Bottom Load Water Dispenser

This bottom load water dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 gallons and comes in black, silver, and white plastic. The dispenser comes with a 1 in. hose that helps prevent spills while filling the bottle. It is also easy to refill because it comes with a refillable water tank connected to the machine directly. It refills within the machine without any extra work on your part. 

  1. Rinkmo Bottom Load Water Dispenser 

This bottom load water dispenser operates with a lever on its top and comes with two 1.5-ft. tubes. These tubes allow refilling without taking the bottle away from the machine. This dispenser is BPA-free as well as dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It also comes with a 1 in. dispenser hose to prevent spills while refilling the bottle. It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons and weighs about 20 lbs. 

  1. Utopia Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser

This bottom load water dispenser is made from stainless steel that allows it to last longer than other machine types on the market. It has a capacity of 3 gallons and comes with two 1-ft. hose extensions that provide easy refilling options. The dispenser also comes with an easy-to-use lever on its top that operates a valve on its bottom to release water as needed when filling the dispenser.

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Bottom load water dispensers are not only convenient but also very safe. The machines have been around for ages and they have been proven to serve their purpose well without any complications or trouble. They are a great investment for any household because they help reduce the amount of time spent on heating and cooking water. They’re also easy to install if you know how to work with plumbing. 

Hope this article has helped your requirements of purchasing and knowing about a bottom load water dispenser.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why doesn’t my water dispenser turn on when I push the button?

This could be a power problem. Before you open up your machine, consider plugging in all of your appliances and turning on the breaker. If the lights turn on but the dispenser does not work, this indicates that there is either a loose wire connection or an open circuit in your wall. You can replace these loose connections with electrical tape or other materials to fix this issue quickly.

2. What if my dispenser doesn’t dispense water?

If your dispenser does not dispense water, this indicates that there may be a leak. This could be due to a bad seal in the hose connecting to the dispenser or another possible problem is with the pump itself. To fix this issue, you will need to remove the seal from the underside of the machine and use a sewing needle to remove any seams or other pieces of tape that may have been placed on it when it was made.

3. What types of beverages can be made from this type of dispenser?

Several types of beverages can be made from a bottom-load water dispenser. Some of them are tea, coffee, ice-tea, cold coffee, green tea and others.

4. Which companies provide the best bottom load water dispensers?

Some of the companies are Avanti, Honeywell, Primo, Black and Decker, Avalon and others.