Water Dispenser or water filter makes our life easy and comfortable. To get clean, pure water, try to clean your water dispenser once every three weeks to keep your health in good condition. Follow the steps to clean the water dispenser.

Step 1. Make a solution for cleaning

To prevent any chemical reaction:

  1. Ensure that you are wearing gloves.
  2. Add two tablespoons of bleach to two gallons of warm water and mix your solution lightly. You can also use a mixture of vinegar.
  3. Take two cups of vinegar and follow the same process for cleaning. 

Step 2. Take the dispenser things apart

Before taking the dispenser things apart, make sure to switch off the water dispenser cooler from the wall. Also, do not forget to unplug any other electrical cord into the same plug. This will give you safe and easy access to the back of the dispenser. Now remove the water bottle from the dispenser. 

Step 3. Pour the solution into the cooler

Now pour the cleaning solution into the dispenser which you made in step one. Clean the inner surface of the dispenser by using a wet sponge and leave it for 10 minutes to stand and drain. 

Step 4. Rinse the solution

Use pure hot water to rinse the solution four times. Make sure no bleach or vinegar solution is left in the dispenser. Now fill the back of the appliances with two-gallon of water. Remove the drain stopper, turn on the hot and cold water taps, and let it drain through the three holes.

Step 5. Clean your hands

Before touching the dispenser and its parts, make sure to wash and dry your hands with a towel. Replace the drain cap and plug by locking the taps. After that, restore the appliance to its original location. Fill the dispenser with a new bottle of water. Reattach the power cord to the wall socket and turn the energy-saving switch back on.

Step 6. Clean Cold Reservoir and Water Lines

Unscrew the plastic tubing water lines inside your dispenser with a screwdriver to clean off the cold reservoir and water lines. Take 3 to 4 cups of distilled white vinegar and pour it in water lines through a small funnel and leave it for 8 to 10 minutes so that water lines remain to soak. Now rinse the clean water to wash off the water lines and screw back the plastic tubing.

Step 7. Testing of water

Check the water system’s cleanness, taste, and purification of water. Try both faucets by drinking a glass of water. 

How to Prevent Having Dirty Water Filtration System

The water dispenser provides you clean water in just one click of a button. Like many other appliances, it also needs cleaning. If you don’t clean your water dispenser, it will produce germs and dirt, which cause an unpleasant smell, sour taste. Dirty water with germs is also hazardous for your health condition. Now follow the instructions to prevent the water dispenser from germs.

Make a Habit of Cleaning

Make your habit of cleaning the water dispenser to prevent bacteria and keep your water fresh. According to Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) research, water coolers surpassed the permitted amount for drinking by more than 60%. HPC is a measurement standard for water quality and the number of bacteria in water dispensers.

Inadequate Water Source

Many water supply companies warn not to fill water dispensers with tap water as tap water contains elements that negatively affect your health. It also makes your drinking water lousy quality and sour. Moreover, it reduces the life span of the filtered water dispenser.  

Primo Water Dispenser Trouble Shooting

Just like other appliances, Primo Water Dispenser can also have some troubleshooting. Here are some problems with proven solutions.

Water Leakage Problem

As time goes on, the water dispenser produces some water minerals that cause the Primo Water dispenser leaking problem. To maintain primo water purified and to sort out this issue, you do not need any tool. First, determine the source of the leak and the speed at which the water is leaking. If it’s dripping from the spout, try tightening the knob until it’s shut.

Remove the water bottle from its unit once you’ve figured out what’s wrong. Make a careful inspection of your container for any leaks or punctures. Notify the water provider and have it replaced if you discover something is incorrect. Place a container under your spout to catch any additional leaks.

Check the spout for any damaged handles or seals. Even a minor flaw in the mechanism can result in a leak. Replace the spout if the problem is found to be at the spout. It’s available from a vendor or a manufacturer.

Water Cooler is not Dispensing from other Tap.

If the water tank is not properly placed, then there will be no water flow inside the reservoir. No flow of water filtration will not let the machine to dispense water. The LED light will start blinking to alert you about this problem, and the device will make a cheeping sound to warn you. To fix this problem, you only need to seal the water bottle properly.

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Investing in a Primo Water Dispenser is worth it. It is a great water purifier and is a good choice for your home as it makes your life healthy by providing pure water. However, cleaning this dispenser is not any child’s play, but with our guide, you can conveniently maintain your dispenser so that it lasts long.