A water dispenser valve is located under the kitchen sink. If the dispenser valve is not working correctly, you will need to replace it with a new installation. This may seem like an overwhelming job for some individuals who are not very experienced in plumbing work. However, these valves are relatively easy to remove and replace if you follow the following steps.

Step1. Prepare to take off the water dispenser by removing the water lines and water inlet to be safe

In step 1, prepare to take off the water dispenser by removing all the water lines and the inlet attached to your water supply. This ensures you won’t get any water dripping onto your floor or carpet or into electrical sockets.

Step2. Unscrew or remove any plumbing lines under or near the valve using a wrench

In step 2, unscrew or remove any plumbing lines underneath your dispenser using a wrench. It is also important to disconnect all of the water lines from underneath your dispenser so that no pressure is added to keep your valve in place while you work with it. However, be sure not to disconnect anything under the sink except the water inlet line and all of its components.

Step3. Turn off the power to your water dispenser

In step 3, turn off the power to your water dispenser by flipping it over and locating the red button. Press down on this button for a few seconds and turn off the circuit breaker if necessary.

Step4. Remove the water dispenser valve

In step 4, remove your old water dispenser valve by unscrewing the top part of the valve using a wrench until it is loose enough for you to pull up using both hands. Have someone help you if necessary. Once loose, screw in the back part of the valve. Secure with a wrench to ensure it is tight. 

Step5. Replace the new valve or reattach any plumbing lines you may have disconnected in step 2

In step 5, replace or reattach any plumbing lines you may have disconnected underneath your brand-new water dispenser using whatever kind of pliers, pipe wrenches, etc., you may need. Connect everything but get everything to be secure and get them all to hold firmly so that they aren’t too loose or too tight. Once finished, turn on your water and test your water dispenser for leaks.

Step6. Enjoy your new water dispenser!

In step 6, enjoy your brand-new water dispenser! Using the water inlet attached to your water supply, you can now fill up your bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, or another place with hot or cold water.
Where to Find the Refrigerator Water Line Shut-off Valve?
You need to know the location of the shut-off valve before you attempt to repair or replace a refrigerator water line. The valve is only a few inches long and about half an inch wide. The valve can be located on any of the three water lines that run from underneath your refrigerator.

How to Clean a Water Dispenser?

The most common problem with a water dispenser is that it might not dispense water. This is usually caused by a clogged tube inside the machine. To clean out the problem, first look for an air-inlet valve on the bottom of the dispenser. Open this valve and wait until all air is expelled from the system. Close the air-inlet valve and turn on your water again. If nothing happens after 30 minutes, you might want to call on a plumber to help you out.

How to Fix a Clogged Water Dispenser Chute?

Symptoms of a clogged water dispenser include:
No water is dispensed from the dispenser. Or, if any water is dispensed, it appears as a thin stream. This thin stream leaks from the dispenser and drips onto the floor.
Water flows over the top of the chute or spews out during use. When you open the valve, water shoots out uncontrollably. It takes a lot of effort to make the valve work properly after it has been opened. The amount of effort required increases as time goes on because the thinning-out process continues.
The internal parts of the dispenser are worn out because of excessive use. Many times, when you open the valve, instead of water shooting out, air comes rushing in.
If you smell a foul odor coming from the dispenser, it indicates that it is time for an overhaul. The problem lies with the drain tube. A clogged drain line is usually the reason behind a malfunctioning water dispenser. You can fix a clogged water dispenser by first removing the cover from the valve. Unscrew any screws holding the cover to the valve and remove it. If you find water inside, flush out all remnants of water with a hose. Otherwise, remove the screw from the body of the dispenser and remove it from below. You will need a pair of pliers to pull out the debris inside. If necessary, replace any parts inside that have been worn out over time. Replace your water chute gasket as well as other working parts that need replacing. That’s pretty much all there is to do to fix a clogged water dispenser chute problem.

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Ending the article with all the steps for removing a valve will help people understand how to remove it. This is simple but important information for people to know because it can save them time and money in the future by avoiding leaks.